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Bathroom TV

Just received my bathroom TV. Looks excellent. Delivery was excellent as promised within 2 days of order. As its going into my new house I haven't installed it yet. I needed sizes before wall was tiled. So hopefully all works. I read the installation instructions, very simple to install etc

JM (From Trustpilot)

Received my TV early

Received my TV early after enquiry and I installed the Amazon Fire Stick and set it up in the living room before installing it in the bathroom, which needed some work to accommodate the power supply. Really impressed as it means its a smart TV at a low price.

Barry Grout (From Trustpilot)

Fantastic Customer Service Team!

I spoke to one of the team by phone who gave me great advice. He sent out goods needed straight away, arriving the next morning, which resulted in the problem being solved.What an efficient service, a very quick turnaround, and a friendly Service Team.

Joanne Bowman (From Trustpilot)

First Class Service

First Class Service above and beyond others in same field. David was on hand responding to every query I had regarding my Waterproof TV - for a technophobe he had great patience and there were no silly questions. I would highly recommend this company for attention to detail with customer service. Wish there were more like this.

AMcM (From Trustpilot)

Excellent customer services and product

I ordered a 19 inch bathroom TV and bathroom speaker system. Very pleased with the quality of the items received. The mark of a great organisation is how they react to resolving problems and I can't thank them enough for replacing the remote so promptly and without fuss.

Ian Smithson (From Trustpilot)

Ordered a bathroom TV from here to put…in my log cabin

Ordered a bathroom TV from here to put in my log cabin. It's brilliant with 24"screen sounds really good and picture quality is very good. Totally waterproof remote control will lots of buttons on. I am really happy with the service and quality of the product I would highly recommend this company.

John Banks (From Trustpilot)

Amazing service

Amazing service, absolutely love our new bathroom tv we also purchased the blue tooth ceiling speaker Which I recommend as a must as it complements the tv so well. Would highly recommend this product me and my kids love having a tv in the bathroom. Great product and rear service 👍

Charles Watson (From Trustpilot)

Seamlessly stylish entertainment

Experience seamless style and entertainment with our affordable luxury Smart TVs for bathroom use. Relax in the bath while watching your favorite shows or get ready in the morning with the latest hits. Our Smart TVs provide a stylish escape .

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