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Smart TVs

19" Waterproof Bathroom Smart TV

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Start your day luxuriously every day with the 19 inch WaterVue waterproof online TV for bathrooms. Get the day’s weather and latest news stories during your morning shower, or catch up on your all-time favourite films and TV series while enjoying a hot soak. With a full HD TV screen and seamless streaming from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and other online apps with the Amazon fire TV stick, this waterproof smart TV opens up a whole world of possibilities.

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19" Waterproof Bathroom Smart Mirror TV

In stock

Revolutionise your bathroom with the incredible WaterVue 19 inch smart mirror TV with a heated mist-proof screen. Watch TV online in full HD and stream films, shows, and music effortlessly – all whilst in the bathtub or shower! The product is IP65 and runs on low voltage to ensure complete safety. The WaterVue online TV offers understated style and design and will work well in any bathroom interior. 

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24" Waterproof Bathroom Smart TV

In stock

Want a truly revolutionary TV experience? Let us introduce the incredible WaterVue 24 inch bathroom TV. It has online functionality and is bathroom zone 1 waterproof, so it’s just the thing to enhance your bathing experience. With built-in vibration speakers, a mist-proof screen and smart TV capabilities, you’ll be so entertained the bathroom will soon become your favourite room in the home! 

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24" Waterproof Bathroom Smart Mirror TV

In stock

Be in your element with this high-quality bathroom mirror TV; with smart features that enable you to watch and listen to practically anything, you’ll never want to get out of the bath! Stream films and TV series from Netflix, catch up on TV with BBC iPlayer, or play relaxing music through Spotify and create a spa-like experience in your very own bathroom through the powerful Amazon fire TV stick. 

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32" Bathroom Smart Mirror TV

In stock

This high-quality 32" waterproof online bathroom TV opens up a world of possibilities. With a high spec LED screen, you can use Freeview to watch your favourite TV shows, or wirelessly connect to the internet through the chosen device and stream your favourite music, shows or anything on the internet! Great apps include BBC iplayer, Netflix and many more!

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