43” Mirror WaterVue Smart Bathroom TV

One of the largest in the WaterVue TV family is the 43 Inch waterproof bathroom TV which offers a high spec LED with great viewing angles. The unit offers excellent style and great value for money as well as a choice of 3 finishes. This TV is ideal for large bathrooms and swimming pool areas. With all-new Smart features, Stream films and TV series from Netflix, catch up on TV with BBC iPlayer, or play relaxing music through Spotify

43" Spec-Sheet

  • Impressive Mirror finish 43" HD screen
  • Freeview HD
  • Smart TV for streaming apps
  • Android 9
  • Invisible vibration speakers
  • Anti-mist screen

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43” Mirror WaterVue Smart Bathroom TV

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Luxury Bathroom TVs

Modernise your bathroom effortlessly with a stylish WaterVue Bathroom TV. The ultimate choice for anyone wanting a bathing experience beyond the ordinary. With easy installation and an IP65 waterproof rating for safety, every TV comes with Freeview, access to streaming apps, invisible built-in vibration speakers and an anti-misting feature.

All our WaterVue Bathroom TVs come with a 2-year warranty, In addition they conform to the latest European safety regulations, CE and are RoHS Approved.

Design and Key Features

Flush finish to tiles, with a fully treated glass finish (no acrylic here)

Smart features - Stream you favourite apps such as Nextflix, youtube, iPlayer and many more

Fully sealed waterproof unit (IP65)

Simple installation - Easy to install in the wall (please watch our install guide video)

Technical Specifications
Dimensions of TV front screen Mounting Plate
19” 490mm x 335 x 5mm 473mm x 318 x 47mm
24” 594mm x 396 x 5mm 577mm x 379 x 47mm
27” 658mm x 454 x 5mm 542mm x 438 x 54mm
32” 775mm x 508 x 5mm 760mm x 492 x 52mm
43” 1031mm x 661 x 5mm 1006mm x 635 x 56mm
  • DC 12V power in
  • VGA
  • 2 x HDMI inputs
  • DVB-T2/C (Freeview)
  • Audio out (external) 3.5mm aux
  • DVB-S2 (AV)
  • 1x USB
  • Built-in WiFi with Antenna
  • RJ45 for direct wired connection
Packaging Content

Watervue Bathroom Television

SplashProof Remote Control (with CR2023 battery)

12V Power Adapter & Wired UK Plug

In Wall Mounting Plate

User Manual and Installation Guide-Fitting Screws

What connections are on the back?

DC12v for power, R-L Video in, RJ45 for Internet connection, DVB-T2/C for Freeview, DVB-S2, Ear-phone Out 3.5mm AUX, 2x USB, 1x HDMI, Coaxial out, Antenna for WIFI 19” and 24” smart 19” and 24” non smart, 32” and 43” smart - AV, DBV-T2/C, Scart, Audio Out, USB, 3x HDMI, RJ45, WIFI 32” and 43” non smart - AV, DVB-T2/C, Scart, Audio out, USB, 3x HDMI

How to connect external speakers:

Ensure the speakers used have a 3.5mm AUX port, you are required a 3.5mm AUX cable to connect to the tv and speakers. connect the AUX cable to the earphone out port and the other end to the speakers or the amp for the speaker.

How long will it take to get my products?

We’ll ship your products for free within the UK. Delivery time depends on your location and stock availability, but it usually takes 2 to 3 working days.

What if I have a problem with my products?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. All our products have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you need assistance, contact our customer service team, and we’ll sort it out for you.

How do I Set up WIFI

On the smart tv home page scroll down to settings > network settings > select wireless Network > find your network and login

No picture but there is sound?

Advised to replace the power cable - If that doesn’t work to get the tv back in an inspected (please contact us via the contact us form under section returns/ faults)

How to set up with SONOS

Ensure in Sound -Digital Audio Output is on Auto Then go to Function-CEC Enable CEC Enable ARC at the bottom Then I had to turn TV off and on again to do what’s called a ‘handshake’ to draw the sound out

Can i cast on this tv?

Yes download an app called E-share