Q: What are the differences between a WaterVue TV and a regular TV?
WaterVue's HD-ready TVs are waterproof, keeping electronic components sealed from moisture and water.
Electronic components in a regular TV can rust or become damaged if exposed to water or moisture in a bathroom.
With a IPX rating of 65 our WaterVue TVs have the highest rating in the industry, allowing you and your family to stay safe.
Q: Can I connect a WaterVue TV like any other TV?
All WaterVue TV’s connect exactly as you would a regular TV.
Q. Are the speakers waterproof?
Yes. All WaterVue speakers are located internally in the product and are sealed to keep them waterproof.
Q: Is the remote control waterproof?
With an IP68, it can withstand long periods of immersion under pressure/water. The WaterVue Remote Control allows you to control the TV, DVR, DVD or satellite setup box.
Q: Is the external surface of TV rustproof?
Yes. WaterVue TVs are powder-coated; enabling the TV to be rustproof and therefore resistant to water, steam and moisture.
Q: Does every WaterVue TV come with everything I will need for installation?
Yes, Set up has never been this simple! All WaterVue TVs come with everything you will need for assembly including the wall box.
Q. Can I connect external speakers?
Yes, all WaterVue TVs come standard with audio outputs that allow you to connect extra speakers or use your current home surround sound as an alternative to the supplied speakers. All WaterVue TVs also come with built-in speakers as standard.
Q: Can the TV screen fog?
The heat of the TV permeates through the front of the screen, making the WaterVue TV completely fog-free. You can keep the TV viewing area crystal clear by switching on the TV a few minutes before use.