Dedicated Support

In 2009, we set up BathroomTV by working day-in and day-out with our manufacturer to ensure our products are all produced at a very high standard. Over this period we have built up a brilliant understanding of our catalog. We understand how an innovation such as a Bathroom Television can revolutionise the way you see and use your bathroom. If you need help deciding which TV is right for you by price or by what would look best in your bathroom or you are unsure on how to install your Bathroom TV, we are just a short phone call away!

What we offer:

Technical Support

Due to our long standing relationship with our manufacturers, we have a detailed understanding of each model in our range.

Installation Advice

Each Bathroom TV comes with a user guide and an installation manual- we can also recommend and organise an engineer to install your new TV.

Business Queries

We can recommend the right TV to suit your company's needs

After Sales Advice

We are available anytime to take phone calls so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.