There are many people who love to go to the cinema rather than watching a movie at home, because the cinema feels more realistic and intense. It feels like you are in the movie. Well, that is true. But there is another way to feel like you are a part of it. Here, we are going to introduce you a list of 10 movies you can watch while you enjoy a bubble bath and feel like you are in the movie, because all of them have one thing in common: water. Choose your favourite, prepare a warm bubble bath and set off to Nemo.

This 1975 classic couldn’t be left off the list could it? Okay, so maybe not one to watch from the bath if you are afraid of your toes getting nibbled; the opening sequence is enough to put you off a midnight swim. But, let’s face it, it’s one of the scariest water based movies ever made.

2.The little Mermaid
This movie it is the perfect one for children. The Little Mermaid will teach your little ones some values such as friendship, responsibility and it will let them live one of the most wonderful experience under the water.

3. Finding Nemo
This can be one of the best adventures you can have while you are taking a warm bath. Visit Australia. Swim with turtles. Talk to Whales. Make a lot of friends and the most important... find Nemo and don’t lose him again, please!


4. Waterworld
Once rated one of the worst movies of all time, we are not saying we agree to this, but it is one worth noting to watch from the bath! Aside from the fact that Kevin Costner looks amazing in this film, you have the added bonus of enjoying an action packed adventure through the water.

5. Cast Away
You will need to survive on a desert island, but nothing can be wrong if we have a very best friend with us. Bring a ball with you to have in the bath. Call it “Wilson”. And you are ready to recreate this award-film on your bathroom.

6. Deep Blue Sea
Comedy sharks? Yes please. This classically fun, action adventure has some great comedic moments – LL Cool J hitting a shark with a frying pan has got to be up there. Even though it’s comedic it’s a great rollercoaster ride of fun. Just don’t watch if you are afraid of chemically enhanced sharks in your bath!

7. Free Willy
This movie is not recent, but it is a classic. There are many people who have watched the movie and they’re still crying when they watch it again. At some point in the movie, you will raise your arm and imagine that Willy is jumping over it.

8. Flipper
Talking about sea animal movies... Flipper is a classic movie that needs to be in your MUST-SEE movie list. There is no better place to watch it than the bath. Flipper will be your best friend!

9. Happy Feet
It is important to mention some movies for children. Happy Feet is the perfect choice when we talk about water (ice in this case). Children will love to watch this movie in the bath but make sure you clean the water on the floor afterward because your children are bound to want to dance.

10. Master and Commander
Let’s talk about history. This movie is the perfect chance to relax during the weekend and take on one of the Napoleonic Wars...

This is a free activity which all the family can enjoy, the only thing needed is a bathroom TV and there is a huge range of them. Choose the one which more fit to your needs. After that, you will never see your bath time as a quick, boring thing. Enjoy yourself!


*All images from Flckr creative commons free. Can be removed if neccessary