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We have recently been writing blogs on how men can appease their other halves by purchasing a bathroom TV, allowing them an hour or two of peace to do what they want downstairs - perhaps even play a game or two! However, we haven't discussed the advantages a TV in the bathroom could bring for all the men out there; after all, a bath isn't a 'women only' thing!

Enjoy a 'manly' bath

Perhaps you've just got home from football practice? Or maybe you're just feeling a little tired after a hard day at work, or your partner is downstairs watching a soap or X Factor? Now is the time for a 'manly' bath! Imagine getting some bubbles involved and relaxing with a can of your favourite brew whilst watching the Champions League football on your brand new bathroom TV! What more could you ask for?

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For the price of a regular TV, you could be relaxing in the bath tub watching your favourite programme in peace.