At this time of year our minds tend to wander off towards Christmas shopping and the latest gadgets. There is always something classed as “the present of 2012” that all kids are going to be asking for, but what about those for the grown-ups among us? We’re a bit too old for hand-held computers and probably already own a smartphone, and some people might even be thinking about a new bathroom suite for Christmas rather than a novelty pair of slippers that play music as you walk!

A new bathroom suite can put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. It’s one of the most highly under-valued rooms in the houses and is often outdated with other rooms such as the lounge, kitchen and bedroom taking priority.

It can be understandable why, however, as there are only so many things you can do to improve a bathroom. At least, there was! One of the latest must-have gadgets is the bathroom television, allowing you to sit back in the bath, relax with a glass of wine and still catch up on your favourite television show without a care for the world – the ideal way to relax.

The latest range of models go from 15-inch screens right up to 42-inch versions so there is something that will suit your bathroom without having to invest in a whole new suite, (or knocking down a wall to accommodate it!)

All of the televisions are completely waterproof so you need not fear the splashes from the shower or the bath causing any issues whatsoever and the majority come with full HD widescreen display and built-in freeview.

Christmas presents can become particularly stale, especially if you’ve been buying the same kind of gift for years and have run out of ideas. You might have heard your loved one going on about decorating the bathroom, only to have their dreams crushed when they look in the bank account. This Christmas, give them something that they will love, brighten up the bathroom – and bath time as a whole – with a stunning bathroom TV.