4) Home Alone 1 and 2.

There is a reason why I put both films into this. I really can’t decide between the first and second film! True enough, the second film isn’t quite as good as the first and is more of a rehash but it does carry that sense of continuity, for example, when Harry catches Kevin in the alley, you see the injury from the first film still on his hand.


In Home Alone, the McCallister family is gearing up for their Christmas holiday in Paris during the family meal of takeaway pizza, an eight-year old Kevin is sent to the converted attic, as punishment, after a fight with his older brother Buzz. He refuses to apologise for his behaviour, has an argument with his mother and wishes his family would disappear. The next morning the McCallisters oversleep, thanks to a power outage, causing the alarm clock to reset and they rush around to get ready. Unfortunately, Kevin gets left behind in all the confusion and the family don’t realise until they are already partway through their flight. Kevin wakes up to realise that his wish came technically true, his family have left for Paris without him and he has the house to himself for Christmas. As you can imagine, Kevin gets up to all sorts without the intervention of his family, such as sledging out of the front door from the top of the stairs, and he also has to stop two burglars, Harry and Marv, from robbing his house.

Most funniest moment in Home Alone: When Harry and Marv are at the back door of the McCallisters house and start taunting Kevin. He responds by slowly putting the air rifle through the cat flap and fires at Harry’s leg.

Most Christmassy moment in Home Alone: When Kevin enters the church and is listening to the carol singers, one of whom is the granddaughter of his next door neighbour.


In Home Alone 2, it’s a year later and the McCallister family go away again for Christmas, this time they are going to Miami. All goes well, despite their alarm clock problem again, until Kevin mistakes his dad for someone else during the race to the plane terminal, as his attention was diverted replacing the batteries for his Talkboy. He follows the similar looking dad to the plane and doesn’t realise his mistake until he gets off at the other end, in New York. So again, Kevin enjoys himself for Christmas, including staying in the most expensive hotel in New York run by the most gullible and incompetent staff. Not long into his solo trip, he has run-ins with his burglar pals, Harry and Marv, who have escaped prison and intend to rob Duncan’s Toy Chest. Kevin must survive in New York and stop the newly named Sticky Bandits from stealing all the cash from Duncan’s Toy Chest.

Most funniest moment in Home Alone 2: When Marv puts his hands on the electrified taps and as Kevin turns up the electric voltage Marv turns into a skeleton in that cartoonish way. This was something that John Hughes used in a previous film years before, in Planes, Trains and Automobiles with an equally great effect.

Most Christmassy moment in Home Alone 2: Near the end of the film, Kevin makes a wish, at the biggest Christmas tree in New York, to at least see his mother again, luckily his mother arrives just after Kevin’s wish speech, thanks to her guessing that Kevin would be there due to his love of Christmas trees.


3) Scrooged


There have been many retellings of the story of A Christmas Carol, but out of all those I had to pick this one mainly for the superb acting skills of Bill Murray, the excellent script and, of course, Bobcat Goldthwait (yes, that’s his real name).

Frank Cross is a cold-hearted and cruel, but successful and wealthy television programming executive who overworks his secretary and fires Eliot Loudermilk, on Christmas Eve, for criticising his personally produced disturbing Christmas commercial. Not only that, his over devotion to his career has cost him his true love and alienated him from his brother. He gets a visit from his mentor, who warns Frank that he’ll be visited by three ghosts to help him mend the error of his ways.

Most funniest moment: Bobcat Goldthwait, who plays Eliot Loudermilk, he just steals the show. Especially when after two failed attempts to drown his sorrows with the cheapest bottle of spirits, he just gets a double barrel shotgun and tries to kill Frank Cross whilst singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

Most Christmassy moment: The cast and crew all singing “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” at the end of the film.

Our top 2 films are still yet to come, so come back tomorrow and find out which ones we liked the most.