Looking for interesting films to watch this Christmas? Here’s our list of the top 6 films to watch over the festive period. Why not top 5? Well here at Bathroom TV, we like to go just one step beyond!

6) Planes, Trains & Automobiles



Although this film is more to do with coming home for Thanksgiving, and is also the reason why it’s been put at number 6, as far as we Brits are concerned, Thanksgiving is effectively a 2nd Christmas. Albeit Thanksgiving being in November.

The plot centers on two characters, Neal Page who is the a-typical American business man – successful, smartly dressed and a bit of a control freak and Del Griffith, a shower curtain salesman that is almost the complete opposite of Neal – a blabbermouth slob but is somewhat successful in his field, as one scene in the film did showcase. They both have their flights home cancelled due to bad weather and end up being forced to try and get home together. Well, when I say forced, I really mean that Del attaches himself to Neal.

Most funniest moment: Neal decides to get a rental car and discovers that the rental car isn’t there, he then tries to get the bus that dropped him off moments before but the bus is too far down the road. So he takes the long and treacherous walk back to the rental office. When he gets back he is mucky, annoyed and his clothes aren’t in the best shape. He lays into the car rental agent with 18 uses of the f word (bearing in mind this was a PG film so it’s surprising that this scene alone didn’t get deleted, edited or get it pushed to a 12 certificate) to try to get another car, however, the rebuttal of the car rental agent is the icing on the cake.

Most Christmassy moment: When Neal is reminiscing over the past events, during the tram trip home, he also thinks about himself sat with his family ready for the evening meal.


5) Batman Returns


Tim Burton returns to the Batman franchise in this sequel, however, despite it being set at Christmas the film itself was brought out as a summer blockbuster.

The aristocratic couple Tucker and Esther Cobblepot give birth to a disfigured child with flipper-like hands. Fearing disapproval from their peers they decide to throw their child into the sewers, however, a flock of sewer living penguins raise the child as their own. Many years later the now grown up child, going by the name Penguin, takes revenge on the city by blackmailing Gotham’s businessman Max Shreck into making the Penguin become a citizen of Gotham. During a speech from the Mayor, their son is kidnapped by the Penguin’s costumed henchman and is “saved” by the Penguin in a heroic act. Watching on TV, Bruce Wayne is suspicious of the Penguin’s actions, investigates and realises that the Penguin is part of the Red Triangle Circus gang who has been terrorising Gotham City.

Most memorable moment: When Batman and Penguin meet face to face and are joined moments later by Catwoman, for the first time. Essentially the scene beautifully boils down to:

Somersault, somersault, somersault, “meow”, BOOM.

Most Christmassy moment: I can’t think of a single defining moment for Christmas, but as mentioned it is set at Christmas and the overall feel of the film carries it off quite well.

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of our top 6 Christmas film list.