OK, you've landed on our bathroom TV website and you're not entirely sure as to whether you want, or indeed need, a bathroom TV. The following blog post will hopefully help you decide whether or not a TV for your bathroom, swimming pool or other such area is what you want!

Decisions, decisions...

How much time do you spend in your bathroom or shower room? A bathroom TV does not necessarily have to be in a room with a bath; if you only have a shower but spend a considerable amount of time in the shower room then a TV could be the answer to making it a more enjoyable experience.

However, for those of you that do love a nice, long soak in the bathtub a TV that will further heighten the pleasure can only be a good thing. Do you have to plan your soaks around your favourite soap or TV programme? With a TV in the bathroom this no longer becomes an issue! In fact, you start to take a bath when your favourite programme is ON!

Enjoying your time in the bathroom can really make a difference to your overall happiness and a TV can provide a great way to relax after a hard day at work.

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