There are plenty of reasons why a bathroom TV is the perfect solution for any busy home; whether mum wants to relax and watch the box for five minutes peace after a hard day or dad is looking to grab somewhere quiet to catch up with the latest drama the bathroom television is the gadget you’ll wish you never lived without.

What many people might not consider though is the massive difference that having a wall mounted and completely safe television in your bathroom might make to the kids’ bath times.

Do your children’s bath times go anything like this?

Screaming; “Shampoo in my eyes!!!”; more screaming; splashing; water all over the floor; screaming; squealing; playing with expensive lotions; more screaming; “Don’t want to get out!”

You’re not alone; many family bath times are neither fun nor even remotely relaxing for anyone and have instead turned into the stuff of nightmares.

Which is exactly where a bathroom TV comes in very handy – what if you could sit the children watching their favourite programmes as you wash their hair, clip their nails and even wash behind their ears?

That might sound like a fantasy; after all it is water and children; and unless they can jump into water then the two don’t normally sit hand in hand but the beauty of a bathroom television is that they’re as comfortable and entertained as they would be in the lounge, and as long as they’re completely supervised everyone wins.

Trying to get them out might still be a struggle though…