We all want to feel as though we’ve just stepped out of a spa after taking a bath, but very few of us manage to create a bathroom that does just that. You’ve tried white towels, glass jars for cotton wool, and introducing fresh greenery to your interior décor to “feel a connection with the outdoors”, but there’s something missing. In this guide we’re talking bathtubs. Have a read and discover how you can create a spa-like feel with the right tub.

Finding the right bath for your relaxing spa bathroom

We know there are plenty of quick fixes that will make your bathing experience more relaxing. We also know that a new bath – especially one that you never want to get out of – costs more than a new plant or stylish storage solution. However, keep in mind that a carefully chosen bath (with the right care and maintenance) won’t need to be replaced for decades, making it a worthwhile investment in your home and your well-being.

  • Room to breathe with a double-ended bath

Sometimes, you just need a little “me-time” and space to contemplate. The size and shape of your bathroom often dictates the type of bath people buy, but if you’re fortunate to have a little space to play with, a double-ended freestanding bath may be for you. Unlike a single-ended bath, it has taps fitted in the centre, so you can sit at either end. They’re typically more spacious, allowing you to stretch out and soak your stresses away.

Double-ended baths come in all kinds of styles, from Georgian to Art Deco. Search Pinterest for “double ended bath” for numerous styles and inspiration!

  •  “Just right” fitted bathtubs

Many homes have bathrooms that were designed purely with functionality in mind and don’t have the space for a free-standing bathtub. The great news is that fitted baths come in all shapes, sizes and styles to fit into the tiniest of spaces! Many opt for a standard acrylic bath (popular for their price and versatility), but fitted baths can be bespoke to fit almost any space. Check out the one above for its clever space-saving design!

  • Whirlpool or spa baths

Many interior design devotees have dabbled with Pinterest for new ideas and inspiration for years. In fact, Pinterest revealed that saves for “spa bathrooms” last year had increased by 269%. Well, what better than a whirlpool or spa bath to help you relax? If you’re wondering what the difference is between the two, one uses a pump and the other a blower to blow air through the water, resulting in a water massage.

  • “It’s all in the details”

Sometimes the smallest of things can make the biggest of differences to the way we feel. If budget, space or time stops you from installing the bath you love, there’s always the option of updating the bath taps or feet to make your bathroom more luxurious.
unique taps

  • Something else?

The perfect tub to suit both your needs and your bathroom's specifications IS out there. Consider a Victorian 'slipper bath', with one high end to lean comfortably against, a corner bath or a even a distinctive copper bath (which are fantastic at retaining heat).

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