Endless possibilities for all the family

Owning a bathroom TV may be something you may have seen as the preserve of a multi-millionaire sports player or rockstar, but as with the best technological developments, with time this kind of proposition has spilled down within the reach of the average home. Whilst you could use your waterproof TV in the garden or the kitchen, at this time of year there’s barely anything as luxurious as a scintillating and relaxing soak, and a bathroom TV allows you to unwind in style. We’d all spend longer in the bath if there was more to be engrossed in whilst bathing, and in the past your options may have been limited to a simple radio, or a book or magazine that can easily become soggy and damaged in the steam of the bathroom.

A bathroom TV comes with endless possibilities for all the family. Struggling to get the children into the bathroom for a much-needed wash? Coerce them easily with the promise of cartoons or other suitable options. Need to do some housework but your husband’s in the way? Send him upstairs for a couple of hours to soak in front of the match with a few beers. A long day at work and subsequently more toil at home? Enjoy a pre-bedtime hour catching up with the day’s events or any programmes you may have missed previously via an on-demand service.

An alternative entertainment hub

A bathroom TV is an investment to improve the quality of life of any home, and helps create an alternative entertainment hub that competes with even the most sumptuous lounge for comfort.