Tired of being tired? Well, we may just have the soothing solution you’ve been looking for. Don’t worry, we won’t keep you long – we know you’d rather be sleeping!

From Bluetooth bathroom speakers to sleep-inducing lights, we explore the relaxing world of technological sleep aids...

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Sleep Technology Designed For A Better Night’s Sleep

The UK is one of the most sleep deprived countries in the world, and since how much shut-eye we get determines how well we function when we’re awake (and even how attractive we are – yes, according to a new study beauty sleep is real!), it’s about time we all started taking sleep more seriously.

We’ve all heard how blue light emitted from tablets, smartphones, computers and LED TVs can stop us getting a good night’s rest, but what technology can actually help?

Sleep aid music

If you have trouble sleeping and find yourself tossing and turning at night, try playing relaxing music at bedtime. Psychologists have found that relaxing music can help you to sleep by reducing the amount of stress hormone noradrenaline in your system.

To feel extra relaxed, try taking a hot bubble bath just before bed and listening to soothing sounds using a waterproof Bluetooth bathroom speaker. We have a great range of waterproof speakers for bathrooms, all of which can be connected easily to your phone or Bluetooth enabled device.

Calming slow tempo music, familiar songs or “easy listening” picks such as classical or jazz are believed to be most effective. Remember, if you’re using an App like Spotify, it may be worthwhile upgrading to Spotify Premium so you’re not distracted by adverts every three songs!


If you are using Spotify, search for albums containing words such as: meditation, deep sleep, relaxation. According to a survey, more than a third (37%) of Britons think they don’t get the right amount of sleep, so there are plenty of playlists out there ready to help you drift off!

Sleep therapy lights

After a long and busy day, many of us just want to wind down and have some “me” time before bed, but for many of us that isn’t an option. If you have trouble getting to sleep or waking up, a sleep therapy light may be the answer.

Sleep Therapy Light

They’re an alternative to lying awake in the darkness or jolting awake with a piercing alarm, as they help you to fall asleep with a light that slowly dims, and wake you up gently by gradually lighting up in the morning. The idea is that they mimic natural sunlight, providing a much calmer, natural setting to aid your sleep-wake cycle.

Perhaps the best thing about these wake-up lights, though, is the fact that they don’t make your smart phone a part of your sleep routine! Phones, tablets and TVs emit blue light, throwing your body’s biological clock and making it harder to sleep.

Sleep monitors

Sleep monitors (also called ‘fitness trackers’) don’t send you to sleep the same way therapy lights or a bath and soothing music can, but they can provide useful information that can go on to improve your quality of sleep. However, according to technology researchers Gartner, around one in six Brits own a monitor, but despite this, many people discard them after a few months because they don’t find them helpful. Nevertheless, here are just a few different ones that are on the market currently!

  • Misfit Ray - The wearable Misfit Ray (it looks like a bracelet) monitors your sleep patterns and also wakes you up during light sleep by vibrating. This may seem unhelpful, but this is meant to help you wake up feeling naturally rested without an alarm clock. This means you should wake up feeling refreshed in the morning,  rather than groggy.
  • The Sleep Number 360 smart bed - This smart bed certainly stands out amongst the sleep technology crowd. It self-adjusts according to your body position for optimal comfort and to help minimise snoring (if you or your partner snores, this is truly a dream!). It also does everything an ordinary monitor does, such as detect the sleeper’s heart rate. Cold feet are a thing of the past, too, as this bed can pre-warm each side of the bed so your toes are cosy! The downside of this product is it does come with a hefty price tag.

Things to be aware of when shopping for the right monitor for you: battery life (you don't want to have to charge it up every day), comfort (many trackers are worn as a bracelet, so comfort is important or else it might keep you awake!), the design of the App that stores your sleep information (is it easy to use? Check out the product App's reviews before buying, just in case!).

Have You Tried A Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Yet?

If you usually wake up groggy-eyed, you’ll try any technology that promises to help you sleep better! Be it Bluetooth speakers for bathrooms, wearable sleep trackers/monitors, or even a self-adjusting bed!

Browse our great range of affordable Bathroom Bluetooth speakers – we have built-in, mirror, outdoor and portable waterproof speakers available - and relax to your favourite music before bed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give our expert team a call on 01777 322003.