Life, as we all know, is full of frustrations, with some being bigger than others. Indeed, it can often be seemingly the smallest things of all that frustrate you, particularly when you’ve only just returned from a tough day at work and would rather kiss your stresses goodbye.

Let’s presume, for example, that there’s a programme that you simply must watch. It might be a live sports programme such as the latest European football action or a Formula One Grand Prix, or the latest cliff-hanger episode of your favourite soap, or even the next instalment of a laugh-a-minute sitcom.

Just how frustrating is it, then, to finally get some time to yourself to watch the TV, only to find that somebody else in the family has ‘booked’ the TV or that you need to take a shower or bath at some point during the programme?

By purchasing a bathroom TV from, you can avoid both sources of agony.

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