Life, as we all know, has its limits... and one of the most obvious of these is that you simply can’t take your TV with you into the bathroom, on those frustrating occasions that your bath just happens to coincide with the broadcast of one of your favourite TV programmes. You just can’t do it, it’s unsafe, and that’s the end of the matter... or is it?

Well, actually, there is still one way around this particular restriction, and that is to invest in a bathroom TV. This type of TV, as its name suggests, is waterproof and therefore perfectly safe to have in your bathroom, whether you intend to use it to watch the live football or instead a documentary or soap.

What features does a bathroom TV from us come with?

By buying a bathroom TV from, you can have all of the features that you’d expect on any other type of TV, whether its screen needs to be as small as 15 inches or as large as 32 inches. Our waterproof TVs are Widescreen and Freeview sets that can also be either HD ready or full HD, depending on the exact model that you choose.

Nor does a bathroomTV from us even cost any more than a standard TV from any other competitive supplier.

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