Are you looking forward to the London 2012 Olympic Games? Whether you are indeed highly excited about the prospect of this prestigious sporting event taking place in Blighty for the first time in over sixty years or are preparing to hide in a cave for the entirety of the duration of the event, there are doubtless many Britons eagerly anticipating watching the Games. Furthermore, they can even do so while bathing once they have installed into their homes bathroom TVs from!

We know what you may be thinking at this point: "What the hell are 'bathroom TVs'?" Simple: they are TVs that have been especially designed and built for watching safely in bathrooms. This ensures that, unlike the case with standard TVs, Olympics fans can view the Games while bathing and without having to fret about any dilemmas which could arise as a result of water and damp being present in the same rooms as bathroom TVs.

Furthermore, to say that owners of bathroom TVs can eagerly anticipate this year watching hours of Olympic sport while soaking in the bath would be a serious understatement. On BBC1, Olympics coverage will run for every day of the event from 6am on BBC Breakfast until 1am the following day, breaking off only for 1pm, 6pm and 10pm news bulletins. BBC3 will also have wall-to-wall Olympics coverage, while there will be 24 dedicated BBC Olympics channels accessible via the BBC website.