Waking up at 6AM is never easy, but with the all-new Systemline E100 waterproof shower radio with integrated Bluetooth, you’ll never dread Monday morning again.

Tune in to your favourite radio station or connect seamlessly to any WiFi-enabled device to listen to your playlist of choice. Whether you’re winding down in the tub after a long day at work, or singing your heart out at the weekend, the sleek E100 will revolutionise your bathing experience.

Waterproof radio for shower and bath

Introducing The Systemline E100 Waterproof Shower Radio

Designed and manufactured by Systemline UK, an industry leader in custom installation, the E100 is innovatively designed to ensure installation and set-up is a breeze; with touch control and 4 radio station presets, your new sound system will be installed and ready to go before you’ve even had chance to fill up the bath! Here are some of the advanced features you’ll be able to enjoy:

• Remarkable Sound Quality - Get superb sound quality and robust streaming at the touch of a button with built-in FM / DAB+ Radio and Bluetooth. Whether Classical FM is your preferred choice of radio station or you’d much prefer to listen to the top hits, the E100 will remember your favourite radio station so that you wake up easy every morning.

bathroom radio in-wall.

• Minimalist design – Professionally fitted into your bathroom wall or a cabinet in the kitchen, the E100 will never trip you up or clutter your home. Available in gloss black or stainless steel, its timeless and minimalist design will always compliment your home décor.

• Integrated Clock and Alarm - With its bright OLED screen with standby clock and alarm, you’ll never be late for those all-important appointments!

Systemline E100 waterproof shower radio

• Waterproof Construction - No matter how you intend to use the innovative E100, you needn’t worry about hot steam or water damaging its interior. That’s because its waterproof construction and IP rated speakers make it the number one choice for those who love to make a splash in the shower or bath! That’s not all - its watertight and wipe-clean design makes it brilliant for the kitchen as well as the bathroom!

A Radio For Your Shower! Enjoy Free UK Delivery

Order your new waterproof radio from Bathroom TV today and get free UK delivery! Whether you’re getting creative in the kitchen or running a steaming hot bath, the E100 will help to create the perfect ambiance in your home. If you would like further information about the new Systemline E100, please don’t hesitate to give our customer services team a call. Alternatively, browse our diverse range of audio systems to find the perfect one for you.