Every few months it seems as though “the next big thing” is being released onto the market and is set to take the world by storm. You only have to look at the impact products such as the iPad (well, anything by Apple let’s be honest), have had on global markets and their own sectors specifically.

Thanks to this, it’s difficult to take the term “next big thing” seriously because many of them, simply, aren’t that great! It’s much better to have a “must have” item that proves to be highly beneficial to our everyday lives, putting a smile on our faces and wowing the friends and family every time we use it than a novelty item that costs hundreds and ends up in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.

With the sun now making an attempt to come out on a more regular basis, it’s time that we started looking at the sort of gadgets and tech that can help us make the most of the summer.

Ice Machine

With the hot sun beating down on you and your friends while you enjoy a barbecue, you’re going to want some kind of cold drink to keep you cool. Getting yourself an ice machine is the ideal way to ensure that your cold drinks stay just that – cold. With cubed or crushed ice that you don’t have to make yourself using the tap, tray and freeze method, you can have instantly cold drinks, in an instant.


You’ll probably want to spend as much time as possible out in the sunshine this summer – and why not, make the most of it while it lasts! At the same time, you don’t want to go missing your favourite shows or the summer sport – it is an Ashes year after all – so get yourself a bathroom television. This might sound a ridiculous idea, you won’t be in your bathroom, but these televisions are ideal for outdoor use as they are completely waterproof and would look great in an outdoor kitchen unit while you sit in your pool or around the barbecue.

Docking Station

Everyone seems to have an iPod, or if they don’t they’ve got an iPhone or similar that they use to play their music, so don’t worry about dragging your heavy stereo speakers outside or opening every window in the house when you’re sat outside and having to crank the volume up – get yourself a docking station. Simply attach your iPod (or similar device) and it will play your music through the built-in speakers for some summer tunes in the summer sun.