Movie Gangsters. We love ‘em here at Bathroomtv.  Whether they’re playing cards at the taxi stand, plotting revenge on their enemies or robbing the bank!. They always seem to be quite busy in their bathrooms as well. Whether it's being interviewed, planning to take over the work shooting/being shot it (mostly that!) Here are our gangster scenes involving bathrooms - and one that isn't a gangster but we wouldn't be doing our job if it wasn't in the list!

Al Capone - The Untouchables

Being interviewed by the press, in his bathroom, whilst being shaved. De Niro as Capone is truly The Man.  The film sets in the The Untouchables played as big a part as the cast, and looked truly spectacular.  Robert De Niro bulked up to play Capone, in an Oscar winning performance, amazing bathroom as well!

the untouchables


El Mariachi - Desperado

We really don’t want to show you the actual bathroom in Desperado, suffice to say it’s not very nice.  Starring Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek & Joaquim de Almeida as the evil gangser Bucho.  Steve Buscemi makes a charismatic appearance, in one of cinema's nastiest bathrooms ever (if you really want to, you can see it here.)  We think that for everyone concerned, this is a far better picture for all concerned!


Carlito Brigante - Carlito’s Way

The first of 2 visits to the excellent Al Pacino in this list, when Carlito finds himself in a bathroom, it usually isn’t a good thing! Whilst it does look pretty grim, the 4 armed gangsters outside are going to be a much bigger problem!

carlitos way


Jigsaw Killer - Saw

The Jigsaw Killer is definitely not a person whose bathroom you want to wake up in! There have been four Saw films now, we think the first is the best and is definitely the most chilling!  Apart from the characters having to make some pretty horrible decisions - the place definitely needs a clean!

saw bathroom


Norman Bates - Psycho

Okay, so we know we’re pushing the “Gangster” description here, but how could be not include Psycho?  The character of Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror movie, bringing customer service to a new depth.  With an iconic shower scene that shaped horror & many other film genres, this is about as an iconic bathroom as you can get!




Jeff Lebowski - The Big Lebowski

He’s not a gangster, he’s the dude! Whilst not being the most together of people, Jeff Lebowski appreciates a good bath and relaxing candles, however nothing ruins the moment like 3 Nihilists and Marmot!

the big lebowski

Mark Renton - Trainspotting

Mark Renton may not be much of a gangster at the beginning of the film, but by the end he’s betrayed his friends and stolen the money and disappeared at the end.  In a somewhat surreal scene, he enters “The Worst Toilet in Scotland” - an interesting fact, of you watch the scene closely as he emerges, you can see him behind the toilet as he climbs out.


Al Pacino in Scarface

As every good gangster knows, the only way to truly relax is by having a bath. A very big bath. Tony Montana (one of Al Pacino’s best ever performances) was never really one for understatement as you can see here with possibly one of the biggest baths we’ve ever seen. We’d recommend one of our 32” bathroom TVs. He’s probably already realised that Michelle Pfeiffer is going to be trouble - you just can’t tell some people..