It's getting close to that time of year where the build up to Christmas reaches a point where you can't not get excited. Of course everybody has their favourite parts of celebrating Christmas. For some it's the feeling of giving and receiving presents, for others it's the wonderful food on offer throughout the day. However one part of Christmas which is ongoing throughout the day is the wide selection of movies and shows put on by our respected broadcasters. Every year it seems that it is more or less the same routine but it always seems just as special. We recap some of the common appearances we will most likely see again this year.

When you think of Christmas TV, one of the first things you think of is the Queen's speech. This message has been a traditional part of the BBC schedule for a long period stretching over 5 and a half decades. This broadcast by the Queen marks a period for reflection on the year that has passed and think how to make next year an even better one.

We then have the drama of Danny Dyer and the cast of the Eastenders as they celebrate Christmas at the Queen Vic. These episodes are usually a watershed episode in the ongoing series and are usually not worth missing. This year the producer has spoke out about how this years installment promises to leave viewers 'on the edge of their seat'. We hope so!

What would Christmas be for the kids if their wasn't a classic film for them to watch after they are done unwrapping their new toys. Last year, BBC premiered Toy Story 3 on Television and this went down as a great success. The BBC have to do a lot to out-do themselves this year, as there will be no doubt that the movie choices will be as eagerly anticipated as they are every year.

Last but certainly not least is the comedic values of Jim Royale and his family as they gather for their Christmas dinner. This show is usually a Christmas cracker and will hopefully be no different this year.



The magic of Christmas TV will no doubt be with us again shortly, and why not take this magic into the bathroom with you while you aim to relax.