Focus on the heart of the home. No, we’re not talking about the living room, or the kitchen where the family may frequently cook and eat together - we’re talking about the bathroom, the one place in the home where everyone will, at some point of the day, go.

Whether you want to attract professional tenants, families, or students willing to pay more for a contemporary, comfortable property, installing smart gadgets such as a bathroom TV mirror will help your rental property stand out in the market. Keep reading for expert tips and generate more rental income!


Increase Your Rental Income: Focus on Bathrooms

Have you always wanted to increase the value of your rental property, but haven’t been quite sure how to make it happen? No doubt you’ve thought about this for a while and have read a number of recommendations online and from family and friends, but if you want to add value to your property without blowing your budget AND increase your rental income, don’t look any further – we have all the tips and gadgets you need right here!

Before we get into specific amenities that will attract the right clients, you need to ensure all basic utilities are taken care of and in high quality condition. No matter what renovations are undertaken to improve the property, no luxury features such as a bathroom TV will attract prospective clients if utilities such as the heating, electric and plumbing aren’t all in working order.

Next, repair any damage to the property and ensure it is cleaned and safe to inhabit. Try to think about the property as a potential tenant - if anything stands out as a problem, fix it. Once you have sorted all of these things out, then you can think about further ways to make your rental property more profitable.

Maximise Your Rental Income With A Bathroom TV Mirror

To describe any rental property as ‘luxury’ and draw the eye of prospective clients, you’ll first need to invest in one or more stand-out amenities. A smart waterproof TV that fits snug into the wall of any bathroom interior is just one way to catch their eye. Here are some more bathroom ideas that will give your properties the advantage in an ever-competitive rental market...

1 - Jacuzzi Bath

Installing a spa bath isn’t as difficult as you might think, and it will most certainly have your property attracting new tenants for years to come and increase its value.

Jacuzzi Bath

Many spa, Jacuzzi or whirlpool baths are more affordable than designer bathtubs, and they can really make prospective renters think differently about your property. Not only will they be willing to pay more for the luxury of a spa bath, they’ll feel less inclined to move once they’ve experienced feeling completely relaxed after a long day at work.

2 - Ensuite from Master Bedroom

ensuite bathroom

Sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?

If you want to attract affluent tenants, an ensuite bath or shower room will do it. Remember, the first part of enticing the right clients is to get them to view your property, and some clients will only consider visiting properties that include an ensuite. Even a small, basic shower room can make the difference, as long as clean and tidy, so it’s well worth the effort.

We’d recommend keeping the interior decor white and minimalist to appeal to everyone.

3 - Bathroom Mirror TV

Bathroom mirror TV

We’ve already mentioned waterproof TVs, but a TV in the bathroom won’t suit everybody’s tastes. That’s why a hidden TV that serves as a practical mirror when switched off offers the best of both worlds. No matter if the tenant has minimalist tastes, loves modern interiors or prefers more traditional features, you can’t go wrong with a bathroom TV mirror that’s only revealed when it’s switched on!

We have an extensive range of luxury bathroom mirror TVs from 19 to 43 inch! Order online before 2pm in the UK and relax with a wine (or beer, or tea) in the bath by tomorrow! Watch your favourite dramas, reality TV and movies in the bathroom with the simple click of a button! Have a read of our 5 star reviews from our customers on Trustpilot and order online today.

4 - Waterproof Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth ceiling speakers are fast becoming the alternative to in-shower radios. Whether you want to blast out Ed Sheeran before an evening out or relax in the bath with a bit of soul, you can listen to it all effortlessly with our range of affordable built-in speakers.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Outside of the bathroom, there are lots of other amenities and facilities that will help you to attract and retain the right clients. Consider:

  • Secure and free allocated parking
  • A dishwasher and washer dryer
  • Extra storage (for things such as bikes, canoes and other bulky items)

Having these amenities or features will give prospective clients peace of mind and save you money long-term as renters will be willing to pay the right price for high-end accommodation.

Find Out More About Bathroom TV Mirrors

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