As any guy knows, getting your own place can be a big deal. You get that freedom you've craved and you can invite all of your friends over to watch the football, have a few drinks, some junk food and essentially everything you were never allowed when you lived with your parents!

Getting a 'lad pad' is a chance to make your own statement, decorating your home and filling it with all of the things you want - none of your parents' furniture or their record player sat in the corner - instead you can put in your wireless speakers, your waterproof TV in the bathroom or kitchen, and your stylish lighting.

The problem is reigning in the spending and also getting the things you want to make your 'lad pad' your own. It's very easy to get carried away in the excitement of doing up your own home, filling it with the leather furniture, tech and artwork on the walls, but what do you need to get that ultimate bachelor pad that makes your friends seem to move in and never leave?!

Here are five things you need - on top of the already mentioned wireless speakers, waterproof TV so you don't miss a second of the match while in the bathroom, and the lighting that helps to really set the move while the film is on…

Mini Fridge
When you're all sitting around in the living room - or “movie room” if that's what you call your spare room - then you don't want to miss one second of the film, a kick of the ball or a catfight on that reality show that you definitely don't watch!! As such, you need to get a mini fridge in the room filled with cold drinks so you can fix your eyes on the action and walk across the room when you need a drink.

Pool Table
A great social game and a real luxury item to have in your games room. Everyone loves to play pool even if they're not particularly good at it, creating tournaments among friends, playing trick shots or just playing to see who makes the next coffee, people will be instantly drawn to the table and you can have hours of fun playing.

Home Gym
A few free weights, a couple of machines, maybe a treadmill, cross-trainer or exercise bike and you've got everything you need for a home gym to help you stay in shape and - while you'll have to buy it all initially - you don't have to pay any monthly gym memberships!

Touch Screen Controls
Most people have tablet computers or smartphones, and many have apps that allow you to adjust the lighting or even the heating, the microwave or the television channel with a swipe of your finger. Getting some gadgets that work this way are a great addition, saving you the effort of walking the ten feet to the kitchen to turn the oven on!

Hot Tub
Of course, no real 'lad pad' would be complete without a hot tub or Jacuzzi outside. Put on the swimming shorts and head outside in the sunshine (or cloud, or rain - the water's going to be warm), and relax on your own or with friends and put on your outdoor, waterproof television for some extra entertainment.