There are doubtless many advantages to taking a regular dip in the swimming pool. Swimming is not only great exercise which works out muscles all over the body, it can also be highly fun and relaxing - not a bad thing at all given the common stresses of modern living. Furthermore, spending time in a swimming pool can be made even more fun and relaxing if a waterproof TV is installed alongside the pool.

"Hang on," we hear you cry, "a waterproof TV? Do TVs like that even exist?" Well, of course they do! Here at, we are proud to help make time spent in water even more enjoyable through offering a generous choice of attractive and effective waterproof TVs. However, though, befitting our company name, we offer a great choice of such TVs intended for watching in bathrooms, we also offer a good waterproof TV choice for anyone who wishes to install a waterproof TV alongside either a public or private swimming pool.

You can, for example, buy from us a weatherproof and waterproof TV which has been designed and built for installation near an outdoor swimming pool. If, though, the swimming pool in question is indoors, then you can buy and install a waterproof TV from one of the many 'bathroom TVs' on offer through our website. Just imagine the joy of watching one of your favourite TV programmes combined with that of using a swimming pool!