If you’re one of a couple, then you’re likely to be familiar with the traditional arguing over who gets the remote to watch a particular television programme. Whether it’s the man of the house wanting to watch the live Champions League football or Top Gear on the iPlayer, or instead his wife hankering for a bit of Coronation Street (and we apologise in advance for any stereotypes!), every now and then, two into one just won’t go.

Now, this is the kind of situation in which, if you evidently haven’t already, you may consider investing in a second TV. You could situate such a TV in any of a very wide range of places around the house, too, from the kitchen to the bedroom. But if there’s one place where you can’t safely place any old TV, it’s the bathroom with its moisture... which is where a bathroom TV comes in.

What makes bathroom TVs different?

A bathroom TV is distinguished from any other TV by the fact that it is waterproof. That means that, as its name suggests, you can have such a TV in your bathroom without worrying at all about your safety. But in order to achieve that peace of mind, you’ll still need to ensure that you choose the right company from which to buy your waterproof TV… a reputable one such as Bathroomtv.co.uk, as a matter of fact.

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