You can now put that rubber duck away whilst you are relaxing in the bath. Standing in the shower need no longer be an exercise in singing to yourself and anybody in ear range. You can now watch TV in the bathroom and enjoy your favourite soaps.

Relax and Watch TV

Today, when we all lead such busy lives, we value the opportunity to relax and watch TV, so why miss out while you are in the bathroom? Our efficient team of fitters will install the TV for you and will ensure that there are no safety concerns. The TV will be wall mounted and if you require, can be placed on a swivel mount so you will be able to see the screen from any angle. The screen can be HD or widescreen, but whatever you choose the bathroom TV will cost no more than a standard TV.

Quality Bathroom TVs

Visit our Web site and you will see the full range that we offer and also the services that we supply. You can order over the Internet and to make life easier for you we will accept card payments of all types. We offer a guarantee but if you pay by credit card you will get the extra assurance that this type of payment offers so you can be totally sure of your purchase.

Spoil yourself and your wife and buy a bathroom TV and remember; when the children come home from the park covered in mud and want to watch their favourite programme, then they will have no excuse not to take a bath!