Here at, we believe in offering and providing the best possible service, which is why with every single bathroom TV we sell we offer a 14 day money back GUARANTEE.

Minimum 2 Year Warranty On Any Waterproof Television!

You will also be pleased to hear that every product (ranging from 15" up to 32") comes with a minimum 2 year warranty from the manufacturer - so if there are any defects in the materials or workmanship you can simply return the bathroom TV to the manufacturer and get a replacement. However, if you would like some more protection we also offer extended warranty of up to 3 years for as little as £49! Interested? Give us a call on 0300 247 856 to learn more.

Peace of Mind

Purchasing a bathroom TV is a big decision, especially in the current day and age where TVs in the bathroom are not commonplace. This is why we will always offer a guarantee and a warranty with everything we sell; we know that spending hundreds of pounds on a TV for your bathroom is not something you wish to do every day, so any problems or accidents need to be covered for.

When it comes to buying your TV for the bathroom, swimming pool or other such area, it's imperative that you do your research and speak to a team of experts first. This is all we do; sell quality TVs that are specifically designed to be safe around moisture in the air.

To learn more send us an email or call our sales team on 0300 247 856.