A bathroom TV is not just a simple luxury that can be lived without, oh no! It can really spice things up for a couple or simply make a night in more enjoyable for someone living alone.

How so?

Ever enjoyed a bath with your loved one? Beautiful, aren't they? Well, imagine having a bath with your partner - including all the usual extras; the candles, the wine, the bubbles...

...and now add on a 32 inch bathroom TV that gives you the option of watching a romantic movie whilst soaking in a hot bath! We've received an enormous amount of feedback from satisfied customers who have taken their bath experiences to the next level and now look forward to the next bath with their partner, rather than worrying who will get the 'tap end'.

Purchase a Bathroom TV

Unfortunately our bathroom TVs don't come with a bottle of wine or some candles; however, they do come with a 14 day money back guarantee that stipulates the TV can be returned for a full refund if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase.

To get in touch with our team about buying a TV to make those 'nights in' a reality, call our helpful sales team on 0300 247 856.

What about a warranty?

As you would expect from a professional TV retailer, all of the TVs on sale through BathroomTV.co.uk come with a minimum 2 year manufacturer's warranty in the event of defetcs in the materials or workmanship.