Recently, we have celebrated Mother Earth Day and many people think that “human beings are destroying the natural environment”, and it may be true. For this reason, it is important to do our bit to help and the best way to start looking after our planet is from our houses.


The cost of water in the bathroom represents more than 50% of total water used in the house, so it is in this part of the house where we should concentrate our efforts on saving and reduce consumption. There are different ways to avoid unnecessary costs of water in the bathroom and if we practice we will achieve a reduced bill and also contribute to the conservation of the environment.

If our goal is to reduce water consumption is advisable to follow these tips to save water:

  1. showerUse the shower instead of taking a bath. Water consumption during a 15 minutes shower is 100 litres if you don’t use a flow restrictor and 50 litres if you used this flow restrictor in order to reduce the flow of water.
  2. Turn off the tap while shaving, brushing teeth, washing hands... Do not waste water and open the tap only when it would be necessary. It is advisable using a glass when you brush your teeth and maintain the tap closed.
  3. Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket. Each time you make a bad use of the toilet to get rid of a paper, it squanders the full capacity of the water tank
  4. Find out if your toilet has a leak because if this happens can waste up to 10,000 litres of water per year. And also, it is important to detect leaks in the shower and sink. It is likely you were wasting water – and money- and you are not aware of.
  5. Enter a bottle of water in the toilet tank. You can install a dual flush tank or, alternatively, resort to succour method of filling a plastic bottle with water, close it and put it in the tank.bottle
  6. Count down your shower. Use an hourglass for the shower. It will give you four minutes to wash yourself. You will be surprised that they are sufficient and you will save many litres of water.hour
  7. Use an electric razor when you shave yourself. Manual ones need water.



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