There are some rooms in the home where relaxation is of the utmost importance, and the bathroom is undoubtedly one of them. Here are some of the world’s most incredible bathrooms, with breathtaking views to match!

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A view with a bath: 8 incredible bathrooms to aspire to

If you thought taking a bath was the ultimate way to relax, you wouldn’t be wrong, but these baths with views are on a whole other level. All they’re missing is a pair of bathroom music speakers for a truly five-star experience. Take a look and be amazed at what the world’s most incredible bathrooms have to offer!

1 The half-sphere bath


Beautifully designed by the American architect Lee Ledbetter, we can just imagine stepping into this spherical, smooth bath and listening to therapeutic music, and that view is mind-blowing! Though we’re not sure exactly where this image was captured, it appears to be on an island – one island we definitely wouldn’t mind being castaway on!

2 Minimalism in the forest

Bathe in the forest

Anyone with a love of the outdoors will admire this minimalist, modern bathroom with spectacular high views inside a forest. We’d definitely upgrade that radio for a waterproof Bluetooth bathroom speaker, though!

3 A mountain view for one

A bath with a mountain view

We’re not sure what we love most of all about this bathroom: the sunken bath or the incredible mountain view. We could probably live without the in-built bath, but that view is insane! We’d choose mountains over a forest and an island any day - would you?

4 An urban landscape

An urban landscape view

If you can’t imagine life without a short trip into the city, you might prefer a bathroom tub that offers spectacular cityscape views, like this one!

5 A Scottish retreat

Bathroom in the Isle of Skye, Scotland

For those that are drawn to a quieter, rural life, this unobtrusive bathtub with views out to a Loch Dunvegan in Scotland is perfect. Located on the Isle of Skye, this home (named Cliff House) was designed by Dualchas Architects. We love it, though that ground level floor-to-ceiling window is pretty daunting - would you dare to bare all to a flock of chickens?

6 The sky bath

The sky bath

Though seemingly unspectacular, this prominent bath tub is perfectly positioned to offer anyone who bathes in it an epic sky view. Look to the stars by night or blue skies by day - perfect!

7 A Japanese soaking tub (also called an onsen)

A Japanese soaking tub

This soaking tub may not offer epic mountain or cityscape views, but sometimes a private garden is all that’s required for a relaxed, spa-like bathing experience. What are your thoughts on this square, symmetrical tub?

8 The sea at sunset

The sea at sunset

Finally, a seascape bath view! Undeniably romantic and calming, who wouldn't love to sit back and look out to this in their very own bubble bath?

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