When was the last time you couldn’t wait to get home to spend some time in the bathroom? If your answer is ’never’, keep reading – we think these smart bathroom gadgets might just change that! Whether it’s a sleek and sophisticated Bluetooth mirror or a light-up showerhead that changes colour according to water temperature (perfect for families), there’s an amazing range of high-tech, safe gadgets to use in the bathroom! Take a look and amaze your family and guests the next time they come over for a cuppa!

Clean, unfocused bathroom interior

Bluetooth Mirrors and More Bathroom Must-Haves!

We know that all you really need for a fully functioning bathroom is a toilet that flushes, a sink to wash your hands in, and a bath and/or shower, but where’s the fun in that?

Whether you support all things environmentally-friendly and want to do your bit for planet, or you’re in urgent need of something that will convince the kids to take a shower instead of a bath, there’s a gadget to please every homeowner and renter right here! Discover more about bathroom gadgets and bring your bathroom into the 21st century…

1 - Illumibowl Night Light


The Illumibowl is a motioned activated toilet bowl light that doesn’t just serve as a laugh-out-loud surprise for overnight visitors, it’s also handy for potty training and going to the toilet in the middle of the night (it saves being blinded by the bathroom light!). It has 9 colour settings – including a simple white light – so no matter what your bathroom style is, it’ll work its magic!

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2 - HYDRAO smart shower head

Hydrao shower

Are you the type of person that can easily while away 20 minutes or longer in the shower without giving it a second thought? Research shows you’re not alone, but whilst we all love a relaxing, hot shower, water wastage is a bigger environmental issue than you might imagine.  With the HYDRAO smart shower head, saving water becomes a colourful, eco-friendly game. The aim of the game? Don’t let the shower head turn red!

Shortlisted for the UK Water Efficiency Awards 2017, HYDRAO helps children and adults become more conscious of their water usage and reduce it as a result (making it a fantastic eco-friendly purchase that’s also a whole lot of fun!). If you have an unusual shower that isn’t compatible with the HYDRAO, consider the Waterpebble instead.

3 – Light up Bluetooth mirror

Ready to sing your heart out? If you haven’t yet heard of a Bluetooth bathroom mirror, where have you been?!

Make your bathroom experience luxurious with an affordable audio Bluetooth mirror with built-in speakers, radio, easy controls AND a demister. It’s never been easier to listen (and sing) to your favourite music whilst relaxing in the shower or bath – simply connect your phone to the mirror with Bluetooth and voila!

Ideal for people who love a little luxury and a modern bathroom interior, nobody will know (unless you tell them) that your mirror isn’t merely a mirror. What’s more, our five-star Bluetooth mirrors for bathrooms are IP44 waterproof rated and come with a clever demister so that you can always see your reflection clearly, even after a hot, steamy shower! What’s not to love?

4 – Bathroom mirror TV

If you love your TV dramas and films as much as you do your music, why not take it up a notch with a stylish waterproof bathroom mirror TV? Catch up on the latest must-watch shows whilst enjoying a hot bubble bath (no one need know that you’re tuning in to watch Love Island!), or surprise a loved one with movie night in the tub!

Unlike other bathroom TVs, its screen will transform into a mist-free mirror when not in use so it’ll always blend in perfectly with any interior. Magic!

Bathroom mirror TV

5 - Ceiling speakers

If a Bluetooth bathroom mirror or TV isn’t your thing, how about in-built bathroom ceiling speakers? Often a more affordable option and perfect if you have a compact bathroom (or if you’re perfectly happy with the mirror you already have)! Again, waterproof ceiling speakers usually connect via Bluetooth, allowing you to play music easily from apps such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and more!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

6 – Smart Scales

smart scales

Think your set of bathroom scales are well past their sell-by date? If they aren’t telling you anything other than your weight (such as your body fat percentage and BMI), there’s a good chance they are. Not that your scales need to relay anything other than an accurate weight measurement, but if you use your scales often, a smart set of scales might be something to think about.

There are scales out there that will link up to your WiFi network and track your progress as the months go by, and even ones that can be switched to pregnancy mode! Discover some of the best bathroom scales of the year here.

7 – Digital shower

We know we mentioned LED shower heads earlier, but nothing quite beats a digital shower. For those who’ve only experienced a power shower and are unaccustomed to this new type of luxurious shower, it’s a shower that has a digital thermostat, enabling you to set a precise, perfect water temperature every single day. It will be unaffected by somebody turning on a cold tap downstairs, and they might have touch screen control, an LED display, wireless connectivity and more features!

Can you think of anymore smart bathroom gadgets you can’t live without?

The bathroom is often the last room in the home we think about updating, but these gadgets show that the bathroom doesn’t need to be a boring space. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, too; there are self-closing, auto-flush toilets, automatic dental floss dispensers and much, much more.

Have we inspired you to renovate your bathroom? Let us know and for further information about our range of waterproof TVs and Bluetooth mirrors, get in touch on 01777 322003, or email sales@bathroomtv.co.uk.