The habit of showering every day helps prevent all sorts of diseases at the same as purifying your skin and giving you a healthy appearance. It is the first key to creating a good impression to others both in the workplace and in social settings. Many of us swear by a good bath at the end of the day, especially when you can watch one of our TV's at the same time, but what other benefits do they offer - we have covered this for you - just read on!

On the other hand, soaps and bath lotions revitalize our skin helping with its dermatological care. It is important to moisturise the skin in order to prevent dryness. But not everything is about our skin, washing our hair frequently prevents us from getting nits. In addition to the shower, it is very important to wash your hands several times a day. Especially after using the bathroom and before eating any food.

relaxing bath

All of this seems a bit complicated to do every day, but the benefits of taking a shower (or a bath) every day are countless. Here we are going to explain 10 Reasons why this activity will benefit in your body, mind and social environment.

  • Reduce muscle tension. Bathing reduces tension on your muscles and helps to heal sore muscles. It is extremely good practise after a long training session in the gym or after exercising
  • Improves blood circulation. Immersing yourself in a tub with warm water or simply taking a hot shower increases blood circulation helping in the nourishment of damaged cells and heart function also improves.
  • Reduce sugar levels. According to a study from the McKee Medical Center in Colorado, diabetics who immersed themselves in a hot water tub for about 20-30 minutes (for 3 weeks) had lowered blood sugar levels (by 13 %). There is nothing else to say.
  • Boosts the immune system. There are many studies which show that taking a cold shower regularly can stimulate the vascular and lymph system. This will decrease your chances to fall sick over the year.
  • Treats depression. Many studies have shown that exposure to cold water results in activation of the nervous system. It increases the level of some chemicals in the blood which reduces depression.
  • Improves the reproductive health in men. A study by Thrombosis Research Institute Cold showed that the levels of male hormone testosterone increased greatly in men who took cold showers. On the other hand, there is another study which has showed that men who took hot bath every day had lowered sperm count. Nothing to worry about, your sperm count will restore once you stop taking bath with hot water.
  • Helps to reduce stress. A study conducted in Japan showed that the levels of stress markers reduced significantly in people who took a bath after 60 minutes.
  • Removes toxins. Warm water bath not only drains out all the toxins but also kills bacteria and viruses, which will also decrease the number infections you may suffer throughout the year.
  • Induces sleep. Bathing before going to sleep has been proven to induce sleep. In some people it has shown to improve the quality of sleep while in others it has also cured insomnia.
  • Improves your physical aspect. Bathing with warm or cold water is like a natural cleansing process. It opens up pores, removes toxins and leaving your skin smooth and soft. Bathing with salt water can even reduce signs of aging.