Antiference Sky Magic Eye

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This piece of equipment allows the user to control their sky box from a second location in the house, which makes it a perfect accessory for your WaterVue Television!

This equipment is used by top professional installers: you will not find better quality elsewhere on the market.


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How to use:

  • All that is needed is a cable to run from your RF2 output on your Sky, Sky+ or HD box from another location
  • Attach the magic eye to the end and switch the RF2 output on via the receiver in the secret menu (Full instructions are included to help you with this)
  • Once installed, this piece of equipment will be fully concealed..
  • This product can be used in conjunction with other sky amplifiers.

Please remember that this equipment only allows you to change the main sky picture from another location; it does not mean you can watch a seperate channel.

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